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Extra Lessons: Tips, tricks and tutorials for your iPad or Android device
Tip 1
Simplify the procedure of setting up an Apple id and store account, and avoid the need to submit credit card information : Set ID and Store Account
Tip 2
Tip 3
Learn of our Top Apps for the iPad
Tip 4
Learn how to buy music, apps, films or books without using your credit card:
 Make use of prepaid vouchers to limit your spending.
Tip 5

Gain better control in dictation. Say the following to get these symbols:
    “at sign” @    “full stop”    “comma”    “new paragraph”

There is a full list of similar commands here:
Tip 6
Learn more of Siri's capabilty with Seven cool Siri tricks (iOS 7)
Tip 7
Learn how to control your Nexus 7 or Hudl with Android voice Commands
Tip 8
How to Reset and clear an ipad of all information - something you should do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Tip 9
Add or change an email signature that goes at the end of every outgoing email.
Tip 10
Get up-to-the-minute entertainment and technical news from - iOS Today
Tip 11
Teach yourself, in your own time, with these top tutorials on Youtube
Tip 12
Get one-to-one help and tuition at home from Clearway Computer Lessons

iPad and tablet training in your home.

 Contact details are on our main website: contact Clearway Computing.