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Video tutorials

Supplement your one-to-one lessons with some of the best tutorial videos on YouTube.

New to ipad (David Cox )
 (30 minutes) This goes a little beyond the basics and covers some of the “other little features”. Good tips on using the camera, and some of the key settings on the tablet.  Recommended for intermediates and advanced.

For beginners

iPad User Guide, the basics (Zollotech)
  (5 minutes)  Reiterates the basics - switching on and off, reset, organising your icons and rotation lock. Good for beginners.

Apple iPad tutorial Part 1 (Mobile Professor)
  (24 minutes) Try and ignore the rather noisy introduction. This video provides a clear and useful demonstration of the essential controls and features of the ipad, including keyboard, internet, contacts and reminders.

Apple iPad tutorial Part 2 (Mobile Professor) - 
   (13 minutes) Learn how to download new programs, customise visuals and notifications.

Siri Commands in iOS 7 (David A Cox)
  (18 minutes)  A great introduction to voice queries and commands. A demonstration of reminders and alarms, and searching the internet. Note that some features work better in USA than in UK, and some are more relevant to the iPhone.

First time setup

iPad User Guide - First Setup  (Zollotech)
  (5 minutes) You'll only need this if your ipad hasn't yet been used.

Coming soon - Some of the best tutorial videos on YouTube for Nexus 7, Hudl, Samsung Galaxy tablets